Reer Expands the Mosaic series, with 2 new Analog Input Safety modules, MA2 and MA4


Reer expanded the very successful Mosaic Safety Controller series, with the expansion modules of Analog Inputs MA2 (2 Analog Inputs) and MA4 (4 Analog Inputs).

The Analog expansions can detect current signals (4…20mA) or voltage signals (0…10V) and ensure protection levels up to SIL 3 - SILCL 3 according IEC 61508 - IEC 62061 / PL e - Cat. 4 according to ISO 13849-1. The isolated analog channels can be paired-up to allow sensor reading redundancy.

It is the perfect solution for applications who require Operational Safety via analog sensors, such as load cells, temperature, pressure and flow sensors, etc.

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