Industrial Automation Systems - Leonardos I. Skourgialos continues its dynamic presence in the Greek market. The company is a continuation of the individual enterprise I.L. Skourgialos and since 1994 has been established in the field of industrial automation applications.
Continuously monitoring the developments in this area, IAS extended too early to introduce automation and material representation. The starting point of its business was the exclusive partnership with the company Panasonic.

Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG for almost a half century now is developing new generations of high quality electronic and electromechanical components and furnished technically sound solutions for the most diverse of automation tasks. Panasonic E.W. is engaged in research and development (R&D) with the aim of achieving the dual goals of creating "Comfortable Environments" and "Coexistence with the Global Environment." Their top priority is to produce superior product quality and strict quality checks are performed repeatedly to guarantee that each product functions properly under a broad range of ambient conditions. The application fields of Panasonic products are from Communication & Measurement to Automotive Industry,Factory Automation,Packaging Machinery,Telecontrol and Green Automation. Plus, Panasonic Electric works continues to develop energy-saving and Green Products (GP) and promote their acceptance in the global market.

In parallel, L. J. SKOURGIALOS introduced on the automation market, control panels from the European company in the HMI, BEIJER ELECTRONICS, whose control panels offer a great programming flexibility, variety of graphics, Greek characters and manuals and drives for almost all the PLCs of the market, and most important : low cost. The advanced series 'H' (derived from HITECH and know-how and quality has always been) is complemented by the high potential and display series EXTER (winner of International Design Award IF). The EXTER series includes touch panels as well as panels with buttons. It supports features such as Web server, scheduling and remote communication via Ethernet, e-mails, can store alarm and other historical recordings in USB, front protection class (IP66),etc. But Beijer Electronics does not stop here, at 2008 presented the innovative series of EXTER, the SUN READABLE. Also in the Group Beijer Electronics is now also LAUER, a leading German construction firm of Industrial PCs and Industrial monitors for industrial and marine use.

L.J.Skourgialos also presents COPA-DATA. The Austrian company is the innovation leader for HMI/SCADA software. This forerunner position rests on the know-how and the experience from over 70,000 installed systems worldwide in industries such as the automobile industry, machine engineering and production technology as well as Energy industry, whereas Copa-Data has developed a unique Zenon Energy Edition Scada system and food and beverage industry in which Copa Data is an expert. Their research and development is strictly oriented to the need of the customer and as a result we have an easy to handle Zenon, perfectly customized for, and ready to meet, the specific demands of the Food & Beverage industry , Since the mid 1980s, COPA-DATA has been developing HMI/SCADA technology at the headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. Copa-Data introduced the first graphic visualization system to run completely under Windows® to the market. For years the integration of Windows CE to XP/Vista and thus the complete compatibility from terminal to control room as well as a mature decentral network philosophy has been an integral part. COPA-DATA is an independent company, acting quickly and flexibly, creating new standards for functionality and ease of use and setting the trends on the market.

The dynamic cooperation, however, do not stop there: in 2002 the IAS has marketed its products rapidly evolving German company Beckhoff. This name is associated with many industrial plants worldwide, such as the servo motors, industrial PC, but the bus terminals and easy to use and flexible software TwinCAT guarantee high performance in demanding and complex applications.

The Beckhoff offers integrated automation system solutions for customers with different performance requirements in any field. The products work in harmony and form a complete, consistent and flexible control system.
The Beckhoff also has the right industrial computers (Industrial PC - IPC) for each application. The high quality materials based on open standards and the construction of a separate framework for each PC make computers ideal for all inspection requirements. Apart from automation applications, the IPC is appropriate for other tasks, where reliable and robust technology PC.

Above all, the Beckhoff produces a full range of Fieldbus components for all common I / O and bus systems, providing the right technology for each one of them. With the Bus Terminals with IP20 degree of protection and the Fieldbus Box with a degree of protection IP67, a complete series is available for all types of systems.

That same year, IAS began promoting Kübler's Products. The company operates for about 5 decades in Germany and its name is synonymous with the quality of its encoders and counters. The encoders of each type (incremental, absolute, rotary, linear, draw-wire encoders) and its counters and process displays, incorporate the latest innovations and come to meet every need on technical requirements and in terms of cost. Many other types of timers and tachometers, completes the product range.
In a response to the demands of the safety products market, Industrial Automation Systems - L. J. Skourgialos represents REER company in Greece since 01/01/2010.
Reer, a leading company in Italy for the security sensors and it is one of the most important manufactures in Europe, developed a new generation of safety light curtains.
Thanks to the unique experience who gained by working with the important machine manufacturers in the world, always following the trends and market requirements, as well as the space and cost savings, REER offers the EOS 4 and EOS 2, which are respectively type 4 - SIL 3 and Type 2 - SIL 2 safety curtains in order to meet at best customer expectations. The series are getting complete by a full range of additional materials, such as connectors and connection cables, reflector mirrors for perimeter control and cost saving, safety sensors of square or cylindrical type, as well as a complete series of safety relay to ensure the proper connection of the curtain with the control circuit of the machines and applications.

IAS completes its product range with the safety switches (mechanical and magnetic) of the German EUCHNER. The breakers are necessary in any industrial environment at high risk for operators of machines or people entering the production site. The company produces highly efficient engine controls (pendant stations), magnetic hand wheels and safety relays.

IAS assumes full technical support to promote products in Greece. Considering, therefore, the excellent cooperation provides customers technical information, educational programs, assistance in project development and documented extensive automation solutions. In addition, the company cooperates with a number of experienced and qualified integrators which are able to successfully complete a series of applications for many different industrial environments.
The long experience of IAS in conjunction with new technology and trained personnel provide reliable and innovative solutions, contributing to the modernization, productivity and economy.