EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG in Leinfelden is an international family-owned company with more than 800 employees worldwide. 18 subsidiaries, of which ten are in Europe, four in Asia and four in North and South America, cover the globe along with 22 sales offices. The company is managed by Stefan Euchner. Switchgear has been developed at EUCHNER for more than 60 years. These devices are used primarily in the field of mechanical engineering. The company has a leading position in safety engineering. EUCHNER safety switches monitor the position of safety guards on machines and installations electromechanically and electronically with a high degree of reliability.

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  • Product Range

    Quality assurance at EUCHNER begins even before production. All potential materials and components for our products are first subjected to extensive load tests in our laboratory. Only once they have passed all of the tests are they approved for subsequent use.

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