Innovative Automation Solutions - I.A.S. L.I. Skourgialos L.P., located in Kallithea, carries on the legacy created by the late Ioannis L. Skourgialos.

Right after its founding in 1994, it was established in the field of industrial automation applications, based on the knowledge, experience and professionalism of its people. It soon expanded into the field of trade, introducing and marketing the products of leading companies in the Greek and Cypriot markets.

Today, Industrial Automation Systems - Leonardos J. Skourgialos supplies to the market the products of seven industrial brand names, therefore provides to branches of industry, machine building, shipping, building automation, etc. complete automation solutions, consisting of hardware (PLC, servo motors, touch panels, encoders, sensors, safety material), software (SCADA, HMI), knowhow and training. IAS cooperates with high level automation application technicians throughout Greece and Cyprus.

With the prospect of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industrie 4.0) and the Internet of Things (IoT) "directing" to intelligent, networked systems and secure data transfer / storage, Innovative Automation Solutions - I.A.S. L.I. Skourgialos L.P. offers IoT and Cloud Connectivity solutions through Beckhoff, Beijer and Copa - Data.


History and landmarks


After almost three decades of operation, IAS - L. J. Skourgialos is changing its legal name to I.A.S. L.I. Skourgialos L.P. Industrial Automation Systems, with which the company has been known for all these years of Industrial Automation, comes to face modern challenges of Industry 4.0 and becomes Innovative Automation Solutions.


Since the spring of 2019, IAS has its own training center, where its presentations are taking place of the products it represents, seminars and training programs for technicians, as well as students or graduates.


IAS - L. J. Skourgialos starts cooperation with the Italian company Reer. Safety curtains, sensors, Laser Scanners, programmable safety controllers, etc. from a reliable European company.


IAS – L. J. Skourgialos is launching its partnership with the Austrian company Copa Data, creator of the SCADA Zenon software. With data acquisition and management functions, display and control, recording and analysis, with a special version for energy networks, Zenon is one of the most well-known, flexible, scalable and user-friendly product of its kind.


In March 2005 Beijer Electronics acquires the Taiwanese company Hitech Electronics. Thus, IAS - L. J. Skourgialos now includes in its product range the huge range of screens and operating software (HMI) of the Swedish company, as well as Inverters, Servo drives / motors, protocol converters, Ethernet switches & 3G / 4G Routers, screens with built-in automation software CoDeSys etc.


IAS – L. J. Skourgialosrepresents the German company Euchner leading in the field of industrial safety. Mechanical and magnetic safety switches, integrated locking systems - mechanical or RFID, safety relays and Joysticks are just some of its products.


In the same year, IAS - L. J. Skourgialos started its cooperation with the German company Kuebler. Encoders, linear measurement systems, inclinometers, Slip Rings, Measurement and process control devices from a top-quality company.


IAS – I.A.S. L. J. Skourgialos represents the German company Beckhoff. Industrial PCs (IPCs), Embedded PCs, Servo drives / motors, I/O & Fieldbus components, all built around the powerful and flexible TwinCAT automation software.


I.A.S. L. J. Skourgialosrepresents the company HITECH Electronics, manufacturer of touch screens (Human Machine Interface) based in Taiwan. They are the first touch screens in the Greek market which supports all the well-known PLCs.


I.A.S. L. J. Skourgialosstarts cooperation with the Japanese colossus Panasonic (formerly known as Matsushita) representing its Factory Automation products (FA Products). The product rates include PLC, Servo drives / motors, Timers / Counters the well-known series of Sunx photosensors etc.


Innovative Automation Solutions - I.A.S. L. J. Skourgialos is located in Kallithea, in privately owned facilities of 120sqm.