XPlanar: the revolution in motion technology, from Beckhoff - order your Starter Kit now


XPlanar combines the advantages of conventional transport technologies with magnetic levitation. This results in a wide range of new options for handling products within a machine and, also between several machines.

Individual goods can be transported to any location via any route. XPlanar combines this flexibility with the dynamics of conventional linear motors and offers added value through cycle-time-optimized linking of individual production steps. XPlanar significantly simplifies individual production steps because the degrees of freedom and accuracy familiar from robotics can be used for 6D product handling. The concept of product positioning during processing is applied to the transport system. The floating effect replaces all mechanical guide components and drastically reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

The unique advantages of efficient production are applicable to all industries. The movers are deployed based on the required transport weights and product distances. They transport each product through the machine along individually defined routes. Individual production steps can be linked with each other as required, making rigid station sequences a thing of the past.

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