Beckhoff Kinematic Transformation combined with Codian


Delta Robots become more and more common on applications which require high speed. Pick & Place, Packaging, Repositioning, Inspection and many other applications are the field for Delta Robots solutions.

Codian Robotics is a leading company in Delta Robots area. Codian's Delta robots are the solution in fast moving applications. High speed and precision is why you choose them. They are ideal for top loading Pick & Place processes where moving conveyors are used. The way these robots are built make them very useful for fast production lines. You will find these robots in end-of-line packaging in the food and pharmaceutical, in cosmetics, beverages and other industries.

To operate the Codian Robotics Delta robot, you do not need a dedicated control. Instead you can use the control of your machine to run the robot. With TwinCAT 3 and Kinematic Transformations software package from Beckhoff, the robotic application can be seamlessly integrated in the machine control.

TwinCAT Kinematic Transformations is a software solution that combines robot control and conventional PLC in one system. It realizes several robot kinematics (e.g. H-Bot, Delta Robot, 6-axis Robot) on the PC. The axes are controlled directly from the TwinCAT motion control system. The implementation of the entire control in one system eliminates interface losses between different CPUs for PLC, motion control and robot control.

IAS is ready to assist you in order to choose the suitable solution for your application.

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