CX7000 - the small controller with integrated multi-function I/Os from Beckhoff

The CX7000 Embedded PC series opens up the TwinCAT 3 software environment to compact controllers. All the advantages of the TwinCAT 3 software generation can be utilized. Controller Toolbox, Temperature Controller, Modbus RTU and Serial Communication TwinCAT 3 Functions are preinstalled in the controller.

The CX70xx offers directly integrated multi-functional I/O channels: 8 Digital Inputs & 4 Digital Outputs. These integrated multi-functional I/Os can be configured for other operating modes via TwinCAT 3, enabling the option to use fast counting or processing of analog values: Counter mode, Incremental Encoder mode, Analog signal mode, PWM signal mode.

If additional electrical signal types need to be processed, the CX70xx can be expanded very easily on demand by adding EtherCAT Terminals or Bus Terminals to the integrated I/Os.

The CX7000 is equipped with microSD flash memory. An Ethernet interface serves as the programming interface. This means that the space-saving CX70xx is ideal for use as a cost-effective, stand-alone compact controller. The extended operating temperature range between -25 and +60 °C enables application in climatically demanding situations.

In the CX7080 version, peripheral devices such as displays, scanners or weighing systems can be connected via an additional serial interface (RS232/RS485).

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