Beijer Electronics acquires the software company Smart HMI

Beijer Electronics, part of the BEIJER GROUP, has today agreed to acquire 100% of the German company Smart HMI GmbH based in Meerbusch, a company specializing in web technology-based visualization software. Smart HMI's software platform WebIQ is the future-oriented web-based visualization platform with comprehensive features for creating industrial web HMIs.

With WebIQ, you can create stunning professional and performant web HMIs and SCADA systems that allow you to distinguish your HMI from your competition, using 100% web technology. WebIQ is built with open web technologies (OPC-UA, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and supports responsive layouts, so your HMI will work on your machine as well as on your tablet.

WebIQ can be installed on Windows, Linux and Debian. You can deploy WebIQ on many different hardware platforms. In our X2 web panel, but also on other devices such as our box PCs, programmable IOs and more coming up soon. In addition to being an edge-based system, WebIQ can be used directly as a cloud data hub. With WebIQ's web-based design and open standards, there is no restriction on the WebIQ Runtime's location as data can be routed via standard network technologies (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS with TLS).

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